5 sneaky secrets to win back your ex

Published: 06th February 2012
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If your wife broke up with you and want to know how to recover your relationship, I recommend you keep reading.
Did you know ...
9 times out of 10, when a relationship ends, it is the woman who leaves the man, because he has done something wrong.
Moreover, it is difficult for some men to maintain lasting relationships with women precisely because of this, not knowing how to act or how to handle situations, however, this can be achieved if we know exactly how to behave.
And to know how to retrieve a woman, the first order of business is to understand what you did wrong or why things were in such bad shape, to thereby have a better 'track' to help you recover.
You see, all women are different. Some have no problem in telling you in detail what you did wrong or anything that they did not like about you, and make the decision to leave.
While others are not so easy to understand… If you're trying to figure out what happened, or what went wrong, do not be afraid to ask. This is a big step when you know how to get your ex back, as she will tell you what she thinks you need to change to be with her.
If your ex-wife definitely will not tell you what you did wrong, or what bothered her, or just grew tired of you and you still want her back, I recommend you follow these steps.
How to Get the Girl - 5 tips to win back your ex
1) If you would like to get your ex back, and recover, you need to pay her more attention. Women hate it when men do not pay the necessary attention, and let’s face it, this is not a requirement that hard to do. It is vital in any relationship that you give the necessary attention to your beloved partner.
With this you can earn points by showing full attention she requires. This will make her feel loved and important to you.
2) Women have a different idea of emotional support than men. If you want to get your wife or girlfriend, and bring romance back into your lives, you need to know exactly what they are looking for in terms of emotional support.
Your ex-wife needs more than just verbal statements, therefore, if you buy something that she loves you're showing how much you care, and she will feel loved. And I'm not talking about chocolates, flowers, or those typical gifts of love, I'm talking about something that excites her, like a book, a movie or something that is related to a hobby that she enjoys.
3) Do not go out with other women. While it is important to show yourself to be a man who is attractive to other women, it is a mistake to start dating someone else.
You see, if your ex finds out you're dating another woman, she will think that everything is finished and your chances of recovering it go quickly out the window.
Even if she is dating someone, starting a relationship with another woman will not help you get back with your ex.
If you need to be with other women, you may not really want to get back into your previous relationship. If this is the case, you can turn the page now.
4) If you want to get back with your wife and you still live with her, show her you can help around the home and keep the place neat and tidy.
Women highly value collaboration, and men who are not "stuck" in the conflict and are able to do things as simple but important as keeping the home in good shape. You will gain many points.
5) This is the most important point: Become more Attractive. And by that I mean not only a physical change, but mainly in attitude and behavior. Your ex-wife wants to be with a man who is proud and admired, transform into that man.
Become the man of her dreams.
Work to attract her like you did when you first met.
Change your look subtly, always dress well and focus on your appearance and your diet. Do not get depressed or stay in your home. Go out with friends and have fun.
Distract yourself, meet new people, they will open your mind to new possibilities and clear away thoughts that you have day and night thinking about your ex-wife.
Break contact with your wife for a short time. Let it breathe. Become mysterious.
You lived a good life together and sure she remembers those times. If she does not talk to you for a couple of weeks she will miss you.
When relationships end, both sides begin to remember the good times in the relationship over the bad. This is why in so many relationships that end, they get back together in a few weeks or months.
One of the two parties, or both, realise that ending was a mistake and strive to fix problems.
Dude, you have to focus your work from now on not only recovering the relationship with your wife, but making it much stronger than before.
It teaches you step by step strategy to get your woman to make the connection, once retrieved, is stronger than ever.
Getting your ex back is not as difficult as many "experts" say. It only requires a strong commitment from the man and the ability to be more interesting and attractive to his wife.
The key is knowing how you show her the attention that you displayed at the beginning the relationship. That moment was all enthusiasm, passion and desire to be with the other person.
You see, the attraction of a woman by a man is not going as easily as it happens in the opposite case. Moreover, the attraction to a woman by a man never goes away.
A man’s attractiveness to his partner is like a volume knob, it can sometimes be higher, sometimes lower. It is rarely a switch that can be turned on or off permanently.
Your job is to keep the volume knob always high, making your woman feel attracted to you and admire you, so that she becomes your #1 Fan and wants to be with you in the "good" and "bad" times.
In the e-book, ‘The Magic of Making Up’ by T-Dub Jackson, you will learn how to do just that, and mistakes to avoid. If you are serious about getting your ex back in your arms, you need to check this out and click here now. Give love, concern, responsibility and respect to your ex-wife, and see how things turn out.
Have a great success.

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